New Subtitle for eBook

Trust the Mystery has a new subtitle for the second edition of the ebook, which came out on January 25, 2017: Trust the Mystery: Raising Self-Awareness through Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom.

Wrasma Marketing, my indie publishing imprint, brought out this new edition as a Kindle Select.

Notice the Wrasma Marketing logo in the lower left-hand cover of the image. It’s a bow and arrow to depict faith, hope, and love, the three virtues that last forever. The greatest of these is love. Pulling back the bow is an action of faith; watching it travel to its target is an action of hope; the target itself is love. My services as an author & book editor bring my readers closer to love through faith and hope.

As I thoroughly enjoy both the creative writing that authorship requires as well as the technical steps that running my own blog requires, I created the file for the ebook myself, because I learned that an ebook is nothing more than a collection of html files zipped up with images and a cascading stylesheet. So, I enjoyed the process of creating and editing this ebook, every step of the way.

For the technical souls out there, I’ve been using calibre, the ebook management tool, to smooth out the html and css that support each chapter.

I hear you asking, “What’s changed in this second edition?” I’ve made the formatting the simple style that’s necessary for ebooks so the text (whether headings or content) can flow and change sizes and fonts smoothly. I’ve merged a couple of the scenes together and moved a couple of things around. I’ve updated some of the information that has changed since I first completed the book in 2015. I’ve simplified the language in several places.

And the changed subtitle highlights the fact that Trust the Mystery is a book that raises readers’ self-awareness slowly and organically, by helping them see the mysteries that exist all around them, and by having them realize how much they can influence and change their own lives in every moment.

Join me on the virtual publication book tour for Trust the Mystery and Spiraling Self-Awareness, a brand new ebook.

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