Spiraling Self-Awareness

Do you remember I told you on December 3, 2016 about a great podcast interview I had with Jennifer Swanson? It was one month and one day ago. I put together a list of thirteen ways to increase self-awareness, “Breath by Breath: One Day at a Time.”

I was so happy with that material that I thought I could expand it into an ebook.

And so I did just that between December 22 and 28 (yes! all through Christmas/Hanukkah). I used Scrivener software to write the 15,400-word manuscript. That’s a good size for a small self-help ebook. Then I compiled the Scrivener text into an epub file (used by many ebook readers) and opened that epub in calibre, the e-book management software tool.

I ordered an ISBN from Library and Archives Canada and created a cover image (1600 pixels wide by 2400 pixels tall), which is on the left.

Now, I’ve almost completed editing the html and css in the calibre epub and I’ll be sending it off to Kindle for conversion into mobi (kindle’s ebook file type) in a couple of weeks, after I’ve received the CIP (Cataloguing in Publication) information that goes at the front of the book.

I’m using my imprint – Wrasma Marketing – to publish the ebook. And if you don’t know about Wrasma, then check out Trust the Mystery: Choosing to Engage with Life with Wonder, Awe, and Joy.

The only thing after this is to let everyone know this new ebook is available. Let this be the first notice! (Actually, I made a small announcement on my FaceBook Author page earlier today.) And I’ll be following this blog post up with a Virtual Book Tour. Check it out.

Let me know how you like the cover.

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