The Synopsis of ESSE

As you may already know, I’m sending a proposal for my third book out to traditional publishers to find the right fit. I’d like to share its synopsis with you.

Synopsis of
Embodying Seven Spiritual Energies:
Practical Ways to Live with Love, Peace, Curiosity, Humility,
Courage, Joy, and Grace, Even at Death

Each of us chooses to incarnate on Earth to learn again that we are divine in the face of the challenges such a life presents. The hardest challenges are the deaths of loved ones. Frequently such deaths find us unprepared and cause us to derail from our path.

Shoroplova proposes an approach that prepares us ahead of time so that we can weather our storms with less chaos and heartache and more equanimity. This preparation helps us see ourselves as being the result of how we respond to our challenges. It helps us view deaths and endings as part of life.

Moving the narrative through the seven spiritual energies of love, peace, curiosity, humility, courage, joy, and grace, Shoroplova presents one simple regime each week to strengthen these energies. These weekly exercises cover the course of fifty-two weeks—one year.

She intersperses the chapters of exercises with compelling stories about the deaths, endings, and losses she has experienced in her own life and how those losses have shaped, informed, and helped her find greater meaning in her life. She also presents many transformative events experienced by others, everything from a woman spontaneously channelling greetings from departed loved ones to her mother in a hospital emergency ward to a rancher having a realer-than-real dream about meeting with the devil underground.

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