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I talk with friends about “my authors”; these are the people whose books I edit. It’s amazing how well I get to know these authors and I deeply value my relationship with them.
For that reason, I have a page on this website linking to dedicated pages for each of them. There I show their image, an image of their book cover if their book has been published, a description of their book, a link to their website, and any testimonial they’ve given me.
Check out the page of links at Authors Whose Books I’ve Edited.
This is a new service I’m providing, so if I’ve edited your book in some way, even if it was only through proofreading or production editing, please send me material that I can add to this site.
Here is a page for one of my most recent authors: Mehrnaz Massoudi and here is her website: Mehrnaz Massoudi.

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