Theresa May’s Numerology

Through a series of unprecedented events, Theresa May, Conservative and Unionist Party Member of Parliament in Great Britain, blazed her way to #10 Downing Street as GB’s second female Prime Minister on Wednesday July 13.

As a feminist, a numerologist, and a student of Tania Gabrielle’s Numerology Academy, I would like to comment on some interesting details about GB’s new Prime Minister through the eyes of numerology.

The number 13 (the day Mrs. May became PM) in numerology does not imply the “bad luck” that it seems to suggest elsewhere. Instead, it looks at the good that can come from change. 13 symbolizes the divine feminine, breakthroughs, and rebirth. Very fitting. Not only is 13 the day Theresa May became PM, but she also became the 13th PM during Queen Elizabeth’s long reign.

May’s current name also vibrates at 13, a number of change and power. A 13 name generates upheaval so that new ground can be broken. 13 names always attract the unknown and the unexpected; well, that certainly happened. 13 is also associated with genius. Where others might find difficulties, Theresa May is benefiting from the breakthroughs this number consistently attracts to those who carry it in their name vibration. 13 reduces to the number 4 (1 + 3 = 4), denoting someone who organizes often complex ideas and inspirations in a brilliant, simple manner, an ideal skill in a leader.

Theresa May was born on October 1, 1956, a first day of the 10th month. The three 1s in her birthdate intensify her abilities as a “born leader.” The full date adds up to 23, making her a woman who works well with others to create outcomes that bring joy. 23 is called the “Royal Star of the Lion”; it’s a number denoting help,  protection, and support from others in superior positions. 23 reduces to 5 (2 + 3 = 5), a number that brings her freedom to be her own person and to create a new unionist (“unionist” also vibrates at 5) path for the UK.

Theresa May’s birth name is Theresa Mary Brasier, which gives her a destiny number of 88, a number signifying someone who is a master of knowledge, self-disciplined, a pioneer, assertive, knowledgeable of universal laws, a challenger of authority, and a very wise soul. An 8 alone (being the symbol for eternity place upright) implies authority, abundance, and eternity, suggesting an ability to think ahead for best options. 88 reduces to 16 (8 + 8 = 16), a number connected with unforeseen events.

My teacher, Tania Gabrielle says that “16 is a very powerful number that asks us to step up and lead from a place of internal wisdom.”

16 reduces to 7 (1 + 6 = 7), a number in the mental triad, a number indicating a person who is analytical, wise, and trustworthy.

The party that Theresa May said she speaks for is the Conservative and Unionist Party, whose name (as she spoke it in her first public address as Prime Minister) also vibrates at 16, reducing to 7.

As someone who was born in the UK, I am fascinated by the recent turn of events and I am hopeful for the benefits that Theresa May brings to my mother country.

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