What’s In a Name?

From time to time, I take a training in one or other of my areas of interest—spiritual alignment, growth through gratitude, empowering writing, and esoteric wisdom.

My latest training is from Tania Gabrielle and is the foundation of the reading she gives in answer to the question “Is Your Name Fortunate?” Tania explains that our current name is our spiritual calling card; “it defines how easy or how difficult it is for you to fulfill the promise revealed in your numerology birth code and astrology birth chart.”

This system is based on the number values of the specific letters in your name, calculated using the Chaldean (pronounced kal-dee-un)-Hebrew Numerology chart.

I have learned that many people have challenging current names and that merely by changing their name by even one letter (for example, going from “Sonia Patterson” to “Sonia Patteson”), a person’s life can improve wondrously.

Such change is not easy to accomplish across the board, but it is definitely worth it.

Another way we can strengthen our current name is by using one spelling of it consistently everywhere and not resorting to several versions.

For instance, a fictitious woman called “Sage Allison Howard” could become a Spiritual Magician, but only if she chose to use all three names everywhere, in the way that Sarah Jessica Parker does. Not easy!

If she were to drop “Allison,” she would still have a fortunate name, but as an Instant Manifester, not as a Spiritual Magician.

However, if she were to choose to introduce herself and sign herself as “Sage A. Howard”—using her middle initial everywhere as Michael J. Fox does—she would bring herself bad luck in the form of hidden dangers and even treachery from others.

And if at work her email became Sage@hercompany.com, she would become a long-suffering victim; a far better choice for her would be to use sagehoward@hercompany.com.

If Sage used these three varieties of her name, it would be as though she had three identities with several of them being quite challenging.

This wonderful service that I’m calling “What’s In a Name?” can be used for more than our personal current names. It can be applied to website URLs, company names, house names, and more.

Until January 1, 2016, I’m extending to you a special introductory price of only $55 for a reading (and a choice of fixes if necessary) about your name OR your book title and subtitle OR your new company OR its slogan.

If you want me to look at two names (e.g. your personal current name AND your upcoming book title and subtitle), I will offer the low price at $77, but also only until January 1, 2016.

My prices will be going up in 2016, so be sure to act fast to benefit from these savings.

If you’re interested, please contact me by email.

This is a new email account! Can you guess why?

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