A Biopulsar Party

Last night I attended a biopulsar party at a friend’s house. There were 8 of us including our host, Kelly Kiss, and our biopulsar specialist, Lisa Ayres. We three studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, graduating as Registered Holistic Nutritionists last year, and we’re all practising as holistic healers in the Vancouver area.

Have you ever had a biopulsar reading? The personal card that you receive – something like the Leonardo da Vinci man you see below – reveals your aura colours, and how the different chakras, organs, and areas of your body are functioning, together and individually. Very interesting!

The first time I had a reading was when I attended a wellness show in Vancouver a number of years ago. I hadn’t long recovered from a serious disease that had really got in the way of living and my image had quite a few patches of grey, which apparently “shows little or no energy.”

The reading that Lisa took of me last night showed that I had good, well-balanced energy. Doesn’t that feel good? And even better was there was only a hint of grey. Love it!

While each person had their personal, individualized reading with Lisa, the rest of us chatted away, getting to know each other, eating, and, later, comparing biopulsar notes!

What was rather intriguing was that out of seven women, five of us had low energy in the area of the throat chakra, so Lisa was encouraging us to wear blue scarves and earrings, eat blue fruits and vegetables, and use aromas that encourage the communication chakra, such as lavender and blue chamomile. Kelly was explaining that it made sense to her that the throat chakra is a real bottleneck for Divine guidance as we all experience the rising energy of the planet, what’s being called the ascension of the planet. Kelly wrote an interesting post about Earth ascension and unifying our chakras not long ago.

Lisa is available to give a party at your venue. If you’re interested, check out the details on her website here.

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