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I sent out this press release to Vancouver media yesterday:

Vancouver, British Columbia, November 29, 2015—Local author Nina Shoroplova will be hiding 27 copies of her book Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom in mysterious places around the lower mainland—one book for each day of Advent. She will start this on Sunday, November 29, the first day of Advent, the season leading up to Christmas.

These are “help yourself” copies on two counts because they’ll be “finders keepers” copies and, when the finder reads Trust the Mystery, they’ll find it’s a self-help spiritual growth adventure story that will have them delving into their own journey in ways that will bring out their own gifts and wisdom, their purpose and path.

Does Shoroplova ask for anything in exchange?

“If the finders could email me back with their own greatest moment of mystery—a synchronicity, a coincidence, a knowing they couldn’t have known, a paranormal event that helped them—I will feature their story on my website.”

Here’s the full press release.

I’m going to have great fun choosing the twenty-seven hiding places. Some of them will be local places I frequent, such as the library, a coffee shop, and a store; and other places will be places within the Lower Mainland that I travel to. I shall be surreptitious about these deposits. What a delight!

Do let me know if you find one of these Advent copies!


1 thought on “Advent Gifts

  1. Imma looking for them! I know where some of the ones you’ve hidden should be, just gotta travel to find out so that part may not work.

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