My Ranking Is Improving Again

If you’re a new author, be sure to check the ranking of your book every day.

I do, because Amazon adjusts the rankings every hour and yours might change direction, even after going down.

The publication day for Trust the Mystery was September 7, 2015, and the highest it has risen since then was two days later on September 9. Wow—69 in Chakras!

Here’s the screenshot.

Since September 9, my book has been going down in’s ranking algorithm, from 142,201 until yesterday when it reached #1,153,133 in books. More than one million books were ranked higher than mine! Even so, out of eight million books, my position wasn’t terrible.

Today, though, my ranking improved again. Here’s another screenshot.


I’m back up to an overall position of 277,929. I wonder if Trust the Mystery will be included within Amazon’s lists of “movers and shakers.”

What happened yesterday to improve my ranking so considerably? Was it getting several posts? New posts about my book are on BC Bookworld under my surname, on BC Bookworld on their current Who’s Who page with S is for Shoroplova, and on BC Booklook as an author who has just written her second book.

In addition, I have seven great customer reviews here and eleven on, though oddly, no ranking on the dot ca site!

And on Friday September 25, I attended Dream Talks 2.0, sold some books, and handed out my card to lots of people. Did that have an impact?

Do you pay attention to and’s ranking system? What do you make of it? What factors do you think are part of their algorithm?

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