What’s Next?

I’m now into the fourth stage of “writing” a book: promoting it.

The first stage is acknowledging that an idea is book worthy. The second stage is fleshing out that idea and writing, rewriting, and revising that idea until the final draft of the manuscript (MS) is saved. The third stage is everything to do with publishing the book: finding a publisher, having a professional editor edit the MS, having the MS proofread and typeset, having the typeset production edited, choosing a cover, and more. And finally, one red letter day, an author holds her book in her hands. That’s the end of stage three.Nina_Shoroplova_about_to_sign_TtM

What’s next? Promoting the book. Seeking interviews and reviews. Seeking speaking opportunities. Securing book readings.

Trust the Mystery inspires its readers into greater self-awareness of their own essential part in the mystery.

It used to be said that the task of writing a book is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration. The 95% perspiration can go on forever. Or until it’s time to write the next book.

So, I’m at stage four and I’m looking for any and all opportunities to promote my book, Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom.

As one of the authors I’ve edited says, “Amazon.com alone currently lists over 8 million titles with over 1300 new ones hitting their digital shelves every day,” (“How Can You Support An Author You Know?” by Marilyn R. Wilson). Having a bestseller ranking on Amazon.com definitely helps a book to be found by readers, but she has to do more.

The more we trust the mystery, the closer we align with our true nature.

I would love the opportunity to speak to your group, large or small. I would love to do a book reading with your book club. Do you write for a publication? Can I send you a review copy of my book? I am ready for interviews.

Please contact me, Nina Shoroplova at NinaShoroplova [@] gmail dot com or call 778-999-1854.

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