My almost-unique surname – Shoroplova

There are only three women in the world with the surname Shoroplova—my sister-in-law, my niece, and me. And no men. My husband is Bulgarian and in Bulgaria, women add a letter “a” to their surname to denote their gender. It’s a Slavic thing.

In this, the promotional phase of authoring Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom, having an almost-unique surname makes it very easy to track all the online links to my activities through Google. I google my surname and—boom!—Google says, “About 1,500 results (0.34 seconds).” Then I can look at those links and find new ways to promote my book, through speaking engagements, book reading opportunities, interviews, and book reviews.

For instance, yesterday I noticed that a bookstore in Montpelier, Vermont—Bear Pond Books—is selling my book. I couldn’t find a way to thank them on their website, so I left a visitor post on their Facebook page.

How unusual is your name? Are you in among all the other Mary Smiths? Or is your online footprint easier to identify? It could be helpful to know. Let me know what fun you have finding yourself online.

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