Signing and Singing at the Trust the Mystery Book Launch

I’ve received a shipment of my book and my new favourite thing is signing copies of it. Here, I’m preparing for my book launch, signing copies of my book in advance.
This photo is from the afternoon of my book launch, Sunday, September 13. The event went wonderfully with about a hundred people circulating through Metro Theatre – the lobby, the auditorium, the lounge and bar upstairs.
I had invited eight of other Influence Publishing authors to join me and, before the program, they were selling their books in front of the stage. Then, in ones, twos, and threes, they joined me onstage to discuss some of the aspects of their books that I find so fascinating that I included them in my book.
Here, Eugenea is discussing her book, Adoption Not An Option, and Marilyn R. Wilson dsicusses hers, Life Outside the Box. Below, Janet Walmsley, author of Autistic Artist and Animator, explains the journey she and her daughter, Jenny Story (sitting on Janet’s right), have gone through to deal with autism.Janet&Jenny
By the end of the afternoon, we were all singing with the 8 Enders.

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