A Holiday’s a Change of Pace

A holiday’s a change of pace, and they say a change is as good as a rest.

A month in Europe—despite the crowds and the humid heat—has definitely proved restful. I’m now ready to get on with the next stage of my book’s publishing process. That equates with preparing for my book launch party on Sunday afternoon, September 13 at Metro Theatre (under the Arthur Laing Bridge), 1370 Marine Drive SW, Vancouver.

Please join me.

Here’s a link to the Trust the Mystery book launch party invite.

At the launch, I will be

  • reading from my book,
  • inviting fellow Influence Publishing authors to read from their books specific passages that I’ve quoted in my book,
  • playing songs that evoke the mystery with my friends the 8 Enders, a ukulele and guitar group,
  • singing a couple of solo songs,
  • leading everyone in a few interactive exercises, and
  • giving away copies of my book as door prizes.

Know that, until then, I’m busy creating and printing up bookmarks and leaflets, writing out a few words to say, working with Julie Salisbury and some of her authors and the rest of the Influence Publishing team on the shape of the event, and practising the songs I’ll be singing alone and with the 8 Enders.

See you there! And please contact me by email to let me know if you’re coming.

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