Podcast Episode 104 with Communication Diva Jennifer Swanson: “Raising Your Self-Awareness Breath by Breath: One Day at a Time.” Our interview about the thirteen ways I suggest we can raise self-awareness is 37: 28 minutes long.


Jennifer Swanson—Communication Diva and podcaster—interviews Nina Shoroplova (23:15 minutes).




Silmara and Curtis Emde of The Orange Lamphouse Studio created this video.





JZ Bown, Medical Intuitive, Public Speaker, and Near-Death Experiencer, R.Ac. Dr. TCM Dip., interviewed me in February 2016 for her Lighten Radio Voice America™ Show. (54:34 minutes)


Nina Shoroplova describes what Trust the Mystery is about.


Trust the Mystery page 41: ~ Watching and Hearing as Unconscious Triggers ~


Trust the Mystery page 55: ~ Words in the Iceberg ~


Trust the Mystery page 133: ~ Synchronicity ~