I’m Going to a Mahvellous Partay – Do Join Me!

I’m Going to a Mahvellous Partay at Jericho Arts Centre – do join me! It’s the United Players‘ current production of Hay Fever, by Noel Coward.

Coward was a cool and cultured classic (1899 to 1973) who set his elegant and deliciously witty lyrics to such singable melodies as “Mad About the Boy.” These days, I’m mad about the boy’s music – Coward’s that is! It must have something to do with the fact that we’re playing his music before, after, and entre-acts at Hay Fever.

Even when he sings about difficult topics – “There are Bad Times Just Around the Corner” – he sets them in a way that has you tossing off the difficulties like dirty old socks!

And here’s another one that has all of us singing as we leave the theatre. It must have “Something to do with Spring.”

See you at the party!

Nina aka “Clara

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