Hay Fever and TED Talks

I’m currently in rehearsal for Hay Fever by Noel Coward; the United Players of Vancouver is putting it on at Jericho Arts Centre, opening on September 2.

Anyhow, at a rehearsal the other day, a few of us in the cast were chatting about some of the TED talks we love. Have you ever spent a couple of hours browsing through TED’s wonderful “Ideas Worth Spreading”? There are so many that are totally brilliant.

How about this talk by J.K. Rowling – her commencement speech to the graduating class at Harvard in June 2008 on the Fringe Benefits of Failure and the importance of imagination .

Or Elizabeth Gilbert talking about when she “showed up for her part of the job,” speaking on nurturing creativity here:

Or Jill Bolte Taylor’s “Stroke of Insight,” here in its entirety.

If these three talks inspire you in any way, spend a bit more time with TED talks and let me know what your favourite TED talks are.

I’ll tell you more about this production of Hay Fever when we get closer to opening.

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