The Orange Lamphouse Studio

Today, I’m visiting the photography, videography, and story-telling website of The Orange Lamphouse Studio on my virtual book tour. Silmara Emde and Curtis Emde, the founders of this versatile studio, bring a range of complementary skill sets to their endeavours.

Together they created the beautiful two-minute promotional video for the first edition of Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom. That video is at the top of the right-hand column in this blog. So it just seemed natural to link up with them and pay them a visit at their The Orange Lamphouse Studio on Day #4 of my virtual book tour.

The virtual book tour is shaping up well this week: today with Silmara Emde and Curtis Emde, Friday with Sue Dumais of Heart Led Living, while Wednesday is with a secret host. More to be revealed on Wednesday.

Chat soon!

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