Kenneth Ring Wrote About NDEs

For twenty years or so, following an earlier fascination, Kenneth Ring wrote about near-death experiences (NDEs), near-death experiencers (NDErs), what NDErs learned about how to live their lives as a result of having had an NDE, and how we non-NDErs can learn about how to live our lives from just reading about NDEs. And there’s a lot to learn!

That about captures Ring’s NDE output – published in Life at Death, Heading Toward Omega, The Omega Project,  Mindsight, and Lessons from the Light – except for the brilliant, enlightening (pun intended), deliciously long quotes from NDErs, Ring’s deductions, his painstaking research, and the whole captivating oeuvre.

Many years ago, I had a mystical experience – yes those are the best words for it – a mystical experience that wasn’t an NDE. But it brought me to some of the same realizations that NDErs come to: there is life after death; heaven exists; angels are watching over us; love is all there is; what we on Earth call death is just a transition into another dimension and nothing to be feared.

The more I read in this field, the more I know I will be incorporating it into my healing practice.

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