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I talk with friends about “my authors”; these are the people whose books I edit. It’s amazing how well I get to know these authors and I deeply value my relationship with them.
For that reason, I have a page on this website dedicated to them, showing their image, an image of their book cover if their book has been published, a description of their book, a link to their website, and any testimonial they’ve given me.
This is a new service I’m providing, so if I’ve edited your book in some way, even if it was only through proofreading or production editing, please send me material that I can add to this site.
Here is a page for one of my most recent authors: Mehrnaz Massoudi and here is her website: Mehrnaz Massoudi.

Krista Guloien has launched “Beyond the Finish Line”

I was delighted yesterday to attend Krista Guloien’s Vancouver book launch for her first book, Beyond the Finish Line: What Happens when the Endorphins Fade.

Nina Shoroplova and Krista Guloien at Krista’s book launch at Brix & Mortar on Homer Street, Vancouver. August 2, 2016
Krista was part of Canada’s women’s eight rowing team competing at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. She and her team were thrilled to bring home silver medals. That was Krista’s third silver medal; she won the others at the 2010 and the 2011 World Rowing Championships. She had been training for this Olympic moment since joining Simon Fraser University’s rowing novice eight in 2001.

Then, eleven years later, Krista was ready to retire from high-performance athletics. But retirement loomed as an unknown, a transition that Krista was not sure about. How did she handle this life change? She wrote about it and in the process found her next joy—teaching spin, public speaking, and promoting her book.

By the time Krista read from the introduction to her book yesterday afternoon, she was surrounded by family, friends, and well wishers.

Krista Guloien-Beyond the Finish Line 7

Today, she sent me a testimonial. Thanks, Krista.
I feel lucky to have had Nina as my editor. She gave me confidence in my choices and added her expertise in a way that spoke to my personal expression and story. She was able to jump right into the detail of my work and see the big picture. I was in awe of how she was able to offer what she did. She has a special talent. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.
If you want someone who is meticulous, knowledgeable, empathetic, and relentless when it comes to her pursuit of excellence, then Nina should be your editor. I could go on and on – I have so much appreciation for her.
If you want to know more about Krista and her journey before, during, and since rowing, check out her website full of images of rowing at the Olympics.

A Testimonial from Carol Ann Arnim

Today, I received this testimonial from Carol Ann, a recent client.

“For anyone in a quandary over your manuscript, I highly recommend Nina’s expertise. Initially, you may not like what she has to say, but allow yourself to stay open.
“At around 138,700 words, my initial manuscript was far too long. Nina gently and persistently encouraged me to downsize it. My manuscript was precious in all of its length, yet I endeavoured to, as she said, ‘put on the reader’s hat,’ resulting in surprising myself.
“With her guidance, I condensed it in record speed by over 40,000 words. As a result, the end manuscript proved to achieve my desired goal of becoming a page-turning book to the end.
“Thank you, Nina, for your professional, determined focus and your invaluable ‘eagle eye’ attention to detail.”
Thanks, Carol Ann.
Carol Ann Arnim, author of Tapping on the Wings of Angels: A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages from the Other Side.

Theresa May’s Numerology

Through a series of unprecedented events, Theresa May, Conservative and Unionist Party Member of Parliament in Great Britain, blazed her way to #10 Downing Street as GB’s second female Prime Minister on Wednesday July 13.
As a feminist, a numerologist, and a student of Tania Gabrielle’s Numerology Academy, I would like to comment on some interesting details about GB’s new Prime Minister through the eyes of numerology.
The number 13 (the day Mrs. May became PM) in numerology does not imply the “bad luck” that it seems to suggest elsewhere. Instead, it looks at the good that can come from change. 13 symbolizes the divine feminine, breakthroughs, and rebirth. Very fitting. Not only is 13 the day Theresa May became PM, but she also became the 13th PM during Queen Elizabeth’s long reign.


May’s current name also vibrates at 13, a number of change and power. A 13 name generates upheaval so that new ground can be broken. 13 names always attract the unknown and the unexpected; well, that certainly happened. 13 is also associated with genius. Where others might find difficulties, Theresa May is benefiting from the breakthroughs this number consistently attracts to those who carry it in their name vibration. 13 reduces to the number 4 (1 + 3 = 4), denoting someone who organizes often complex ideas and inspirations in a brilliant, simple manner, an ideal skill in a leader.
Theresa May was born on October 1, 1956, a first day of the 10th month. The three 1s in her birthdate intensify her abilities as a “born leader.” The full date adds up to 23, making her a woman who works well with others to create outcomes that bring joy. 23 is called the “Royal Star of the Lion”; it’s a number denoting help,  protection, and support from others in superior positions. 23 reduces to 5 (2 + 3 = 5), a number that brings her freedom to be her own person and to create a new unionist (“unionist” also vibrates at 5) path for the UK.
Theresa May’s birth name is Theresa Mary Brasier, which gives her a destiny number of 88, a number signifying someone who is a master of knowledge, self-disciplined, a pioneer, assertive, knowledgeable of universal laws, a challenger of authority, and a very wise soul. An 8 alone (being the symbol for eternity place upright) implies authority, abundance, and eternity, suggesting an ability to think ahead for best options. 88 reduces to 16 (8 + 8 = 16), a number connected with unforeseen events.
My teacher, Tania Gabrielle says that “16 is a very powerful number that asks us to step up and lead from a place of internal wisdom.”
16 reduces to 7 (1 + 6 = 7), a number in the mental triad, a number indicating a person who is analytical, wise, and trustworthy.
The party that Theresa May said she speaks for is the Conservative and Unionist Party, whose name (as she spoke it in her first public address as Prime Minister) also vibrates at 16, reducing to 7.
As someone who was born in the UK, I am fascinated by the recent turn of events and I am hopeful for the benefits that Theresa May brings to my mother country.

Preparing for 2016 through the Power of Questions

The week between Christmas Day on December 25th of one year and New Year’s Day on January 1st of the next is a week of great opportunities to reflect back and to plan forward, to review and to set goals.

I am always open to thinking about the importance of the seven major chakras of the body and to renew how I see them. This month, I have just finished reading Alberto Villoldo’s The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers. How did I not find this book earlier? Learning from the wisdom of the Laika Shamans of the Andes, Villoldo explains that there are nine chakras, the eighth chakra being our individual spirit and the ninth chakra being the entirety of Spirit.

I have drafted a simple representation of these nine chakras and I ask questions connected with each, questions that will stir you to reflect and plan, review and set goals.
1st chakra

  1. How is your physical health?
  2. Is your diet the best it could be?
  3. Do you exercise sufficiently to maintain mobility, strength, and stamina?
  4. Is your home the way you want it to be?
  5. Is your home where you want it to be?

2nd chakra

  1. Is your primary relationship in good health?
  2. Are you supportive and positive in your relationships with parents, children, siblings, and in-laws without being intrusive or controlling?
  3. How is your financial situation?
  4. Is your career going in a useful and satisfying direction?
  5. How are your business relationships?

3rd chakra

  1. Are you being honest in all areas of your life?
  2. Do you live with integrity, with authenticity?
  3. Does your life energize you?
  4. Do you allow yourself to dream of your best life?
  5. Do you find the balance between work and play, concentration and relaxation?

4th chakra

  1. Can you love your friends AND those you haven’t befriended, by employing agape, unconditional love?
  2. Are you able to provide meaningful service somewhere?
  3. Do you see other people as being unique chips off the “Divine block”?
  4. Do you over- or undervalue your place in the world?
  5. Do you feel peaceful?

5th chakra

  1. How are you expressing yourself?
  2. Do you express yourself through the arts – music, painting, sculpture, writing, blogging, taking photographs, arranging flowers?
  3. Do you express yourself through hospitality – cooking, baking, entertaining at home, greeting the choristers at practice?
  4. Do you express yourself through holding space with others – counselling, birth or death doula, being a friend who listens without advising?
  5. Could you learn another way to express yourself?

6th chakra

  1. Can you shift and release any thoughts that might keep you stuck in the past?
  2. Can you create the future you want by visualizing with Divine help?
  3. Can you accept coincidences as Divine pointers?
  4. Do you meditate or practise self-inquiry?
  5. If you have had a spiritually transformative experience of any sort, have you allowed it to give you direction?

7th chakra

  1. Do you allow your soul to shine through your life, by following your passion, your purpose, and your path?
  2. Does your world seem to be growing and expanding or collapsing in on itself?
  3. Can you accept that there is a next step, even if you don’t know what it is?
  4. Can you envision how closely we are all connected?
  5. Are you compassionate in all situation?

8th chakra

  1. Can you remember a past life?
  2. Do you understand why you incarnated into this particular life?
  3. Do you know your theme(s) within this life, the ones that still provide you with challenges? Examples of a theme are happiness, adventure, self-confidence.
  4. Are you fulfilling your role in the world, the role you came to fulfill?
  5. Do you value your challenges as opportunities for growth?

9th chakra
Being unindividuated Spirit, the 9th chakra just is.

Hiding under Cushions and Elsewhere

Here are the last few clues as we move through the Twelve Days of Christmas.SAM_8445

Do you recognize this open shelving area for magazines etc. in the West End?

And here, in my favourite $ store.SAM_8446

And finally, for this post anyhow, two in the church I attend, both under cushions.


Please let me know if you’re successful in finding one of these free, help-yourself Advent (and now, Twelves Days of Christmas) copies of Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom. That will make all the subterfuge worthwhile!

Four More

Four more copies of Trust the Mystery are hiding inside piles of books, piles of magazines, shelves of books, and one has now probably left the front stage at Bridge & Enrich, where it was placed after a lovely concert on December 19.

This time, you get only two photos for the four books. It’s getting harder!

Have you ever heard of Sir Harry Burrard-Neale, 2nd Baronet, of Walhampton (1765–1840)? Apparently, Captain George Vancouver gave this baronet’s name to Burrard Inlet, though he called it Burrard’s Canal.

#22And now we have Burrard Street and Burrard Peninsula, Burrard federal electoral district, Vancouver-Burrard, a provincial electoral district, Burrard Station SkyTrain station, Burrard Dry Dock Shipyards in North Vancouver, and Burrard Indian Band.

The location that both these photos were taken is either on or just off Burrard Street. Do you recognize this free library? Or these waiting room chairs?

And the fourth one in this group is hiding somewhere in the Vancouver Art Gallery, nestled between books about one of my favourite Group of Seven artists. How’s that for a good hint!

It might still be there. Go, take a look.